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Abundant Generosity

NSA founder Cavett Robert believed the strength of spirit and growth of our profession would prevail, if all our members focus on unconditionally giving of themselves to one another.

Members share their time, expertise, and knowledge to help you become a better speaker and build a better business.

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Connect With Your Local, National & Global Community.

Local Chapters

Make lasting business connections and practice your speaking skills at the chapter closest to you.

National Community

Connect with professional speakers from around the entire country who share ideas and business solutions.

Global Community

Tap into a global community of speakers, events and ideas to expand your business outside of the US.

Wondering How to Connect With Your NSA Community?

We’d be happy to help. Please call us at 480-968-2552 or email us at

Awards & Recognition

Council of Peers Award for Excellence (CPAE)® Speaker Hall of Fame

Since 1977, the Council of Peers Award for Excellence (CPAE)® Speaker Hall of Fame has honored professional speakers who have reached the top echelon of platform excellence with this peer-evaluated lifetime award.

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CSP® (Certified Speaking Professional™)

The CSP designation is the speaking profession’s highest-earned global measure of professional platform competence recognizing top-notch speaking ability and a track record of professionalism and success.

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Cavett Award

NSA’s most cherished award is presented annually to the member whose accomplishments reflect outstanding credit, respect, honor, and admiration in the Association and the speaking profession.

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NSA Foundation

The NSA Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the National Speakers Association and serves to help those members and families of our NSA Community, as well as those in need in our larger global community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn my CSP?

CSP applications open in September of every year and are due in January. Your application must include documentation of at least 250 paid speaking engagements, financial information, and videos of your speaking. 

When are speakers inducted into the Hall of Fame?

Up to five speakers are voted upon by the members of the Speaker Hall of Fame in the spring of every year. The selected individuals are inducted during the awards ceremony on the last day of our annual conference, INFLUENCE.

How do I get involved with my local chapter?

Simply find the chapter nearest to you! National membership is required to be a member of the local chapters and each chapter may have additional membership dues.

What is the GSF?

NSA is a member of the Global Speakers Federation, which is comprised of speaking associations from around the country. 

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